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Planning your estate is a crucial step to preserving your assets for not only future generations, but yourself as well.  At the David Bindrup Law Firm a Las Vegas Probate Attorney law firm, we understand how hard you’ve worked to earn your assets, and we are dedicated to helping you preserve and protect those assets.The David Bindrup Law Firm is one of the only law firms in Nevada to offer FREE CPA Attorney LL.M (an advanced law degree) in Taxation consultations.  Let us provide you with the legal, financial and tax counseling that will enable you to make the best decisions regarding your legacy.  As we consider the implications of estate and gift taxes, and help you minimize those and other estate expenses, while maximizing your wealth now and inheritance later, you will feel the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve protected your assets for you and your loved ones.

las vegas probate attorney

David Bindrup our Las Vegas Probate Attorney is well-respected throughout the legal community as a leader in estate planning, business planning, asset protection and probate.  With public accounting, business and entrepreneurial experience, the David Bindrup Law Firm is equipped to help its clients consider their estate planning needs from every angle.

The firm specializes in estate planning, but its diverse background ensures that clients receive the attention their assets need, from an accounting, financial and business background.

The firm represents a wide range of clients, from those with very modest estates to those with substantial and complicated estates.  The David Bidnrup Law Firm believes that estate planning should be accessible and affordable to everyone, because everyone needs an estate plan.  The David Bindrup Law Firm works with its clients to ensure that clients’ needs and goals are met at a price they can afford.  Whether dealing with estates worth thousands or estates worth tens of millions, the David Bindrup Law Firm is equipped to provide clients with the personalized atttention each individual client needs and wants.  Regardless of the size of your estate, the David Bindrup Law Firm recognizes that you’ve worked hard to obtain those assets, and wants to help you protect and preserve them not only for yourself, but future generations as well.

The David Bindrup Law Firm a Las Vegas Probate Attorney law firm offers friendly and knowledgeable consultations from a CPA Attorney LL.M who is dedicated to personally servicing your estate planning needs.  Unlike most estate planning law firms, your estate plan is overseen and drafted by an attorney from the consultation to the signing.

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